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Setup your IPTV

How to connect your device


Simple steps to follow before you start the experience with us.

Smart TV

Watch IPTV Stream from your Smart TV

  • Download the SIPTV app for your SMARTTV marketplace
  • Launch the app and get your MAC address
  • On your computer go to http://siptv.eu/mylist/
  • Put your TV MAC address and upload your m3u list then click on submit
  • Reboot your TV
  • Enjoy Live Channels!

iPhone & iPad

Watch IPTV ONE from your iOS devices

  • Download IPTV SMARTERS 
  • Go to remote playlists
  • Click on add M3U URL
  • Copy the playlist URL YOU RECEIVED ON YOUR MAILBOX & past it on playlist link
  • Enjoy Live Channels !


How to install iptv smarters on Firestick 

Android Smartphone & Tablet

Watch IPTV ONE from your Android devices

  • Open the Google Play Store App on your Android device

  • On the Search field, search for IPTV SMARTERS  app

  • Download the App on your Device

  • Follow the same steps as iPhone & iPad Guide above

  • Enjoy Live Channels !

Apple TV

on the Apple TV there are many applications to install to take advantage of iptv like: GSE SMART IPTV (Free), iPlayTV (paid), follow the installation procedure on the link below.


    Android Box

    Watch IPTV ONE from your Android Box STB devices

    • Follow the same steps as your android phone

    • You can also download STB emulator and follow the same steps as MAG

    • Enjoy Live Channels!

    MAG Box

    Watch IPTV ONE from your Mag device

    • After the purchase send us your MAG mac address

    • On your MAG device, go to Settings > Servers and Portals

    • On the Portal 1 name, input the portal URL YOU RECEIVED ON YOUR MAILBOX

    • Press OK to save and then reboot your device

    • Enjoy Live Channels!


    Watch IPTV ONE from your Enigma2 device

    • Download DCC or Putty or any SSH client.

    • Login to your box

    • Type the command line YOU RECEIVED ON YOUR MAILBOX on Telenet

    • Restart your box

    • Go to Favorite (click blue button in the remote control) you should be able to see a new bouquet with IPTV channels inside

    • Enjoy Live Channels!


    Watch IPTV  Stream from your browser regardless of your Operating System

    • Download VLC form the official website:

    •  https://www.videolan.org/vlc/

    • Open the VLC media player.

    • Click the "Media" button on the top navigation bar to show the File menu.

    • Click the "Open Network Stream" option.

    • Click the radio button next to the "HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS" option and then type the URL you received on your mailbox  into the "URL" input box.

    • Click "OK." The Avenard playlist opens in VLC and the channels list down the left panel.

    • Click a channel in the left panel and then click the "Right" pointing arrow at the bottom of the viewing screen to play the channel.

    • Enjoy Live Channels!


    Watch IPTV ONE from your Openbox devices

    • Connect the USB containing the m3u file of your subscription
    • Open Menu
    • Move right all the way to “Multimedia”
    • From the list choose “WebTV”
    • If there are channels already on that list, you are advised to remove them first by pressing the green button.
    • Now press the yellow button to “Read By USB” then the channels will appear
    • Enjoy Live Channels!