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Become IPTV Reseller
Are you looking for an opportunity to make thousands of dollars? (IPTV resellers do)
If the answer is yes, then becoming an IPTV Reseller at IPTVone.tv provides you with that opportunity.
What is meant by IPTV Reseller?
so, What is meant by IPTV Reseller? he is the person who gets IPTV Panel to create and sell IPTV Subscription to his clients, through your IPTV Panel you can create 1 month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year and 2 Year IPTV Subscriptions.
IPTV reselling prices restrictions
In fact, we don’t have any restrictions regarding the selling prices, meaning as an IPTV Reseller you have full control over the amounts that you charge your clients with.
Nowadays,there is huge demand on IPTV Service since it allows clients to watch Live TV Channels, Video On Demand, Movies and TV Shows directly to any Smart Device using only Internet connection.
Devices support IPTV
Nevertheless, there are many devices that support IPTV including Samsung & LG Smart TVs, Amazon Firestick & Fire TVs, MAG, IPhone, IPad, Apple TVs, Kodi, Android Smartphones, Android TVs, Android Boxes, AVOV, Stbemu, and many other devices.
How does IPTV panel work?
Basically, IPTV Resellers Panel work through something called Credit Points
(Known as CP).
Credit Points are used to activate the IPTV Subscriptions.
Credit Points Calculation
in our Reseller Panel the Credit works are used as below:
1 Month Subscription = 10 Credit Points.
3 Months Subscription = 15 Credit Points.
6 Months Subscription = 20 Credit Points.
1 Year Subscription = 30 Credit Points.
How many Credit Points will you get?
300  = 300 Credit Points.
600  = 660 Credit Points.
950  = 1030 Credit Points.
1900  = 3000 Credit Points.
Advantages of becoming IPTV Reseller
At IPTVone.tv, we believe that we provide the best IPTV Resellers prices.
Moreover, our IPTV Panel is very easy to access and use.
In Addition, you don’t need any equipment to become IPTV Reseller, you can access your own panel and activate the IPTV subscriptions using your Smartphone or your Laptop.
Working in IPTV Industry is very easy, flexible working whenever and wherever you want.
Therefore, you don’t need to leave your current job.
Nevertheless, we have worldwide premium Live TV Channels and VOD.
The Cheapest IPTV Resellers Prices
Moreover, you can target clients all over the world, for example, Arabs who are interested in Arabic IPTV, USA, Europe, Latin America, UK.


Additional information for IPTV Resellers
In fact, we don’t have any monthly credit points limit in order to keep your panel, you can buy whenever you want and if you don’t want to recharge additional credit points you still can keep your panel.
Quitting fees for IPTV Resellers
Surely, our IPTV Resellers who want to quit the business they don’t need to pay any quitting fees
Moreover, your existing subscriptions which you already sold will still be activated until their expiration date
IPTV Panel Features
Nevertheless, you have the option in your IPTV one Panel to select / deselect categories and customize the subscriptions that you create based on your clients’ desire
Moreover, IPTV one Resellers can create M3u trials and MAG trials as long as the server supports the IPTV trials feature.
In Addition, you can use any IPTV Player application that you want which you believe that it’s better and provides friendly user experience.


How do I become a reseller of iptvone.tv? :  Simply fill out the form and tell us the number of codes you want for your panel.

Minimum number of code:  Reseller panel starts with at least 10 codes for 300 $. Cheaper and more interested prices when buying more!

Control Panel: You get a flexible control panel lets you create and edit your accounts easily and instantly, codes are not activated.

Smart Accounting : You can check your balance any time!

Management: Delete, ban and write notes for each client.

MAG Device: Setup accounts for MAG devices.

How do I get my account? : Once we get paid, we will send you a username and password for your IPTV reseller panel,
so you can create and edit your accounts easily and instantly.

How do I renew my clients? : You can extend any account just make a new payment to able to renew them again.

How to become a reseller? : Just fill out the form and tell us the number of codes you want for your panel.

Minimum number of codes: reseller panel starts with at least 10 codes (12 months) for 300 euro. More attractive price when buying a larger quantity! 20 / 50 / 100