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  • Disney+ Shows And Movies To Instantly Get You Hooked On The Platform

    Disney Plus, stylized and trademarked as Disney+, is going to hit the web on November 12th. The long-awaited streaming service from The Walt Disney Co. is going to take on rival Netflix and another new service Apple TV+ with unique and original content, as well as films and television shows previously produced and distributed by The Walt Disney Studios.

  • 10 Best IPTV Players For Windows For 10, 8, 7 In 2021 (Free & Paid)

    IPTV or Internet-Based Protocol Television is changing the way we used to watch television. Now you have access to a huge library of digital television services, including live content and video on demand. If you haven’t heard of IPTV players yet, then you must be using cable or satellite television services till now.
  • How to install and configure IPTV on Roku?

    How to Connect Roku to TV. This Article teaches you how to install, set up, and activate a Roku streaming Live. Initial Roku TV Setup Preparation....

  • What is a VPN and how it works

  • How to setup IPTV on Kodi?

    How to bring IPTV channels to Kodi (New Version) How to bring IPTV channels to Kodi (Old Version) Conclusion Kodi is an open-source media playe...
  • How to setup IPTV on a MAG device?

    MAG boxes are some of the most powerful streaming media players. IPTV users choose them for their speed, simplicity, and excellent streaming performance. The user interface is simple and responsive, channel switching is quick and you receive all the features required to get the most out of your IPTV service.
  • How to install Smart STB app on Smart TV?

    Smart STB is an android app which can be installed on Samsung and LG smart tv`s. This app enables you to have IPTV service on a portal just like MAG setup boxes with all characteristics that can be expected from MAG and Stalker Portal.

  • How to setup IPTV on TVIP Box?

    The TVIP Box console meets all modern requirements a multimedia device, including the support of streaming media, video on demand (VOD), playback of digital channels in a high quality, as well as access to the OTT content (youtube, Picasa, online entertainment, weather forecast, social networking, and others) and even includes a Web browser.
  • How to setup IPTV on BuzzTV?

    The BuzzTV is packed in a plain-looking black box but it comes off as clean and moderately detailed. At the top of the box, you will see BuzzTV written in the middle of the space.  All the sides of the box are left black and beneath this, you’ll see all of the features that the product sports, as well as the package contents. BuzzTV comes with an embedded Android operating system and it can also be utilized as an STB emulator.
  • How to setup IPTV on Formuler box via MYTV Online app?

    In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to bring IPTV channels to your MYTV Online on FormulerZ.

    The FormulerZ is the latest mixture of an IPTV receiver and an Android media player. The FormulerZ is Android based, so it can play the newest versions of all available apps on your device.

  • How to setup IPTV on PS4?

    This tutorial aims to get you acquainted with how to use Plex on your PS4 to stream IPTV channels.
    Plex is a Media Server program for general users and utilizing it doesn't demand a high level of technical knowledge compared to its other competitors. Plex allows the users to stream media content from their home network to all compatible devices.