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Set IPTV review of the application




For Smart TVs, like those from Samsung or LG, it is necessary to use boxes or applications to enjoy the best content and quality streams. There are several providers and just as many apps. There are many IPTV applications available and some like Set IPTV allow you to access illegal streams. Illegal use is not recommended, we explain everything in this article.


Presentation of the Set IPTV application
Set IPTV is a new application for IPTV which allows to play more contents and streaming. The app does not directly provide subscription or channels. It's an interface that helps you manage them, but only for video channels and video content. It is simply media player for IPTV, which allows you to create a fast and automatic playlist. So, you should have an IPTV subscription before using it.


How to install the Set IPTV apk?
You must first have a subscription. You first need an m3u link available from your TV provider. Then you should launch the application, i.e. install it on your SmartTV. Then, you should create an account by first using the code m3u. You can enter your credentials to create the account and save. That's all. From there, you can log into the app by entering your credentials.

You must then activate the Set IPTV apk. This, to enter your playlist or to upload videos. Start by going to settings, to find the Host and put the subscription site. Put it in the "Host" box. Then, click on “Add User”. Then add your credentials and your Macadress available in the Set IPTV application and to enter your external playlist URL. When you see your active status, it's OK.


On what medium is the Set IPTV application available?
Set IPTV is available on all Smart TVs with IPTV subscription, such as Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV. Subscription to IPTV is mandatory, because it will be the very basis of the application. All content and videos to play will only be available on IPTV and in your IPTV subscription offer.

Please note, the Set IPTV apk is just an intermediary. It is not responsible for the quality of the content or the speed of reading, nor even for interruptions. It is limited to the functions of broadcasters. If such cases arise, it is with your supplier that you should complain.

 What is the price? 
 The Set IPTV apk starts at 14.99 euros. This purchase is final. You will have a 7-day free trial period, during which you can try out the features and use. If you are not satisfied, you can stop. If you want to continue, you should subscribe for 29 euros per month for a year.


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